Museums & exhibitions


  • We recommend a visit in Göschenhaus in Grimma.
    There will be exhibitions, concerts and other cultural activities.
  • If you are interested in the scientific heritage of Wilhelm Ostwald, on half distance the idyllic Wilhelm Ostwald Park in Großbothen is situated.
    The program will include guided tours through park and museum with permanent exhibition.
  • Hohburg Stone Crusher House keeps impressions from the earlier life of stone crushers alive, showing everyday objects or historic mining vehicles.



Saxon Castle and Heathland


  • Design your own tour and chose what you would like to see.
    Click here for the overview.







Motorsport & Training


  • Melz Exdrähm in Meltewitz quarry. Very hard on human and bike and always interesting to viewers.




Gastronomy offering


Café/ ice cream parlour


Cooking school




Have you already been here before?


Mountain Film Festival Hohburger Schweiz | Gaudlitzberg

This festival takes place every year at the end of August/ beginning of September
in the immediate vicinity of us.


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Zoo Leipzig

A three quarters drive away from us there's the Zoo Leipzig,
which is worth doing a trip with the whole family.


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Leipzig Lake District

Leipzig and it's new lakes, approximately a three quarters
drive away from us.


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Leipzig cotton spinning mill

Art Space.
Explpore art exhibition in cotton spinning mill.


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Geopark Porphyrland


  • The focus is nature, types of rock and volcanism, research and projects. If your interest is sparked, you'll find more information here.



Voluntary Fire Brigade

You can find news and
general information of Voluntary
Fire Brigade Kühnitzsch!

Voluntary Fire Brigade Kühnitzsch


If you like to go to carnival, then
you'll find the right fifth season
events here.

Kühnitzsch Carnival Club

Municipal of Lossatal

Our municipal.
Look here for more recreational activities
in the region.

municipal of Lossatal

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